Monday, 27 May 2013



Thursday 20th of August
I'm going to Praslyn, a Seychelles's island, at ten o'clock. I'm going to stay on the beach all day and relax. I must take swimsuit, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Friday 21st of August
It's hot and sunny, and I'm staying in front of the beach. I'm going to do a trip around all the island. I'm going to take photos to the crabs and turtles. Later, I'm going to have a shower.

Saturday 22nd of August
Today I'm going to the town to eat the typical food. Is going to be a very hot day but I listened that is cooked an excellent fish here. I'm going to travel to Banyoles tomorrow so I'm going to prepare the bag.

Elisabet V. Pag├Ęs

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