Monday, 27 May 2013

3.-last summer


Hi, my name is Elisabet, I'm 12 years old and I'm going to show you my presentation about my last summer

First, I'm going to talk about my tennis lessons, then about the week in my cousin's house and finally my stay in Llançà.

So come on!

The first and second weeks of July I went to tennis lessons. Were a group of seven people. I started at nine o'clock and I finished at twelve o'clock every day.

The 3rd week of July I went to my my cousin's house. There I tried to ride horse. I did a course for one week and I learned how to do trot. It was very funny because I fell off a pony!

Finally, I want to talk about my stay in Llançà. I was there all August. I live near the sea so every day I went to the beach. Some days, with my family I went to the town centre and I had an ice cream. In the lasts days I met my best friend of the other school. I couldn't belive I found her there after such a long time. We promised that we'll see each other there every year. I didn't want that summer finished ever.

Thanks for yous attention.

Elisabet V. Pagès

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