Monday, 21 January 2013

3.-writing guied (town)


I‘m from banyoles and i live there. Banyoles is in Spain, Catalunya in the province from Girona. Is atourist village because its so beautifoul, is not so big but it has a very big lake in the center of the town.

Its noisy but it isn’t a city while approaching. My fauvorite place of Banyoles is her lake is a wonderfoul site. Her name is l’Estany, tin in my lenguage it has the form of a egth. I like because is the part more quietly from the village, is so silent.”L’Estany” is hundred percent natural. The environment is great so I ‘m well here!

There are buses going around Banyoles and there to coches if a school need to go at a tour. But in the town there aren’t any trains around.

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